Ministries at Porter APC


We care about your babies just as if they were our own. Children up to age 36 months will be in our nursery under the care and supervision of grandma’s, mothers, and the greatest volunteers of Porter APC. They will have their diapers changed, they will be fed, and they will be loved on throughout their stay. And these volunteers will be able to get to you with any situations quickly should something arise. You will find our nursery one of the best in the area.


Children ages 3 years to 11 years old will find their classroom and get involved in a host of exciting and relevant hours of teachings every week. Our teachers are well prepared to deliver to them the best Bible stories that make sense and get your children into the Word of God.

Porter APC children also are involved in many different events and activities throughout the year including dramas, choirs, and events here at Porter APC. If you want them involved in something that will direct their lives for the better, this is it!


What would be better than your teenager or young adult making their mark in the world through involvement in the kingdom of God?

Our Youth Department is vital to not only keeing the youth of our day involved but developing them to become great citizens of our communities. These young people have gone on missions trips, they have fed the homeless, they teach in the church, they take trips around the country, and a host of other activities that help them become productive for God. We don’t have to lose our young people to the vices of the world, we can bring them to Porter APC and watch God grow them into the most powerful force they can be.

College and Single Adults

Our college age adults and singles ministries are thriving here at Porter APC. We don’t believe that church is for the young or the old, we believe it is for everybody and this group is leading the way in their involvement here at the church. Many of them lead ministries, are mentoring younger children, teaching, and already being productive in society. And some of them are finding their mates right here at Porter APC!


The backbone of any good church is the constant and determined adults of that church. Porter APC is blessed to have a thriving and active adult community which is setting the mark for generations to come. From fellowships and events to church involvement and support, the adults of Porter APC set the bar high and keep the body moving in the right direction. They feel that there is so much to do to reach our city and country so they dedicate their time and talents to make that happen.


The pillars of Porter APC are our senior aged members. These elders have proven their commitment and are now passing their wisdom and tenacity to the younger. Have they quit, oh no! They are still very active and are very much involved in the services and ministry at Porter APC. They are the most caring individuals with a tireless vision for reaching all who come through our doors.