Leadership and Staff

Rev. Joel & Kristen McCoy


Rev. Joel McCoy was elected pastor of Porter Apostolic Pentecostal Church in 2017. After spending over 15 years in international ministry, the McCoys came to Porter with a vision to build upon the solid foundation that had been laid.

With their four children, they have continued to expand the influence and reach of the church regionally and globally. Shortly after arriving, the Lord gave Pastor McCoy the “Porter Dream” with which they used as the guiding principle for the direction of the church. The church has continued to expand over their initial years and has become a center of Apostolic revival.

Rev. Jerry & Barbara Green


Rev. Jerry & Barbara Green came to Porter Apostolic Pentecostal Church in 1971. Bishop Green has led the church through 50 years of growth and multiple building projects. After 45 years of ministry at Porter APC, God gave him the name “McCoy” in prayer. He had never met the person who would soon succeed him as pastor. But he knew that the church belonged to God and God would take care of His church. In 2017, the Lord directed him to Rev. Joel McCoy and with overwhelming support from the church transferred leadership to Rev. Joel & Kristen McCoy in 2017.

Administrative Staff

James Ainsworth

PCA Principal
& Church Ministries Administrator

Emily Cannon

Administrative Assistant

Angela Floyd

Event and Department Operations

Caleb Gressett


Tamina Riddle